Our Members

There are literally 1000’s of artists and professionals who bring the magic of the theatre to life on stage. They are the men and women who tell us stories, who transport audiences to worlds outside of their own and who create the previously unimagined for the stage. They are the individuals who pride themselves on their creativity and their ability to give everything they have to provide an experience for their audience. They are CONDA members. If you would like to become an official member of the CONDAS please drop us a line at hello@conda.com.au and we would love to hear from you.

Our CONDA Inc Members for 2018:

Marty Adnum

Andrew Black

Graeme Black

Julie Black

Shane Bransdon

Patrick Campbell

James Chapman

Michael Cooper

Michelle Gosper

Carl Gregory

Alison Hodge

Melanie Hunt

Alison Lobb

Ken Longworth

Phil McGrath

Don Mitchell

Fiona Mundie

Guil Noronha

Mardi Ryan

Rachelle Schmidt-Adnum

Monica Skeham

Daniel Stoddart

James Tolhurst

Nerida Walker

Amy Wilde

Megan Williams

Theo Williams

Chelsea Willis


2018 Youth Ambassadors:

Georgia Vaughan & Hamish Pickering