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Across the globe, creative artists and skilled technicians deliver the magic of theatre into our lives. Without them, there would be no theatre but behind them is a legion of support networks, equally important for keeping theatre alive. Every one of these groups – on stage, behind the stage and beyond the stage – is represented within the current CONDA membership and we would love you to join us, to help further strengthen the theatre industry throughout our region.

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From our Community

  • author photo
    What a 2020 year of creating theatre! Congratulations to everyone nominated or not. Newcastle Theatre is strong xx Angela McQn
  • author photo
    Congratulations to all nominated and especially to the winners. A tough year for local theatre. A lot of risks taken that clearly paid off. It’s really wonderful to see so many young faces as award recipients. It means that the torch shall be carried on. Well done to all. Rob Brown
  • author photo
    Cannot express enough how important this online panel discussion was. Thank you to all the panelists, to Cal and to CONDA Inc. Every theatre company leader should get a copy of the recording if couldn’t tune in. Essential viewing! Mathew Lee
  • author photo
    So proud of the initiative taken by this committee! Feeling very lucky to be a part of this forward thinking creative community xx Ali 'Sugar' Hodge
  • author photo
    What a richness of talent and skill. Newcastle is the hub! Margaret McGowan
  • author photo
    Thanks so much to the judges & the committee for all the wonderful nominations - and all your hard work. Mercia Buck


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