9th CONDA Awards – 1987


Professional categories

Production: Master Class (HVTC)

Actress: Liddy Clark, Educating Rita (HVTC)

Actor: Mark Butler, Master Class

Director: Victor Emeljanow, Master Class

Technical achievement: Tom Bannerman, production design, Master Class

Non-professional categories

Dramatic production: Triclops (2 Til 5 Youth Theatre)

Musical production: Patience (Newcastle G and S)

Actress (two awards): Linda Barcan, The Sound of Music (YPT) and Carol Davis, But I’m Still Here (Newcastle Repertory)

Actor (two awards): Stephen Jolly and Barry Shepherd, both for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (Newcastle Repertory)

Director: David Berthold, Cloud Nine (University Drama)

Technical achievement: Neville Allanson and John Stevenson, set design, Fiddler on the Roof (Newcastle Light Opera Company)

Commonwealth Bank award for outstanding achievement in Newcastle theatre Rohan Cattell, playwright, The Plumber’s Rope (staged as part of Triclops)

Special award Madge Ormerod, in recognition of a lifetime of achievement as an actress and administrator inNewcastle theatre