5th CONDA Awards – 1983


Professional categories

Production:  Mission: Molly Morgan (HVTC)

Actress: Angela Moore, Back to Front Room (The Castanet Club)

Actor: John Stone, The Removalists (HVTC)

Director: Brent McGregor, Mission: Molly Morgan

Technical achievement: James Bennett, production design, Noyes Fludde (The Noyes Fludde Committee), and Michael Bell, set design, Mission: Molly Morgan, tie

Non-professional categories

Production: Christie in Love (2 Til 5 Theatre)

Actress in a leading role: Kim Naggs, Absurd Person Singular (Newcastle Repertory)

Actor in a leading role: Terry Clinton and Richard Davies, both for Philadelphia, Here I Come! (Newcastle Repertory), tie

Actress in a supporting role: Helen Walker, Lock Up Your Daughters (Newcastle Dramatic Art Club)

Actor in a supporting role: Jason Rapp, The Innocents (Newcastle Repertory)

Director: Wendy Leis, Nola Wallace and Richard Davies, The Golden Masque of Agamemnon (YPT)

Technical achievement: Elaine Boyd, musical direction, HMS Pinafore (Newcastle G and S)

Commonwealth Bank award for the performance of the year John Stone, The Removalists