29th CONDA Awards – 2007


Professional categories

Production: Billy and the Garbage Monsters (Shakespeare et al and Footlice Theatre Company)

Leading actress: Alison Cox, Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare et al)

Leading actor: Lance Hawkins, Much Ado About Nothing

Supporting actress: Anne Frost, High School Musical (Hunter Publishing)

Supporting actor: LawrenceAitchison, Dante’s Dream (Stray Dogs)

Director: Brendan O’Connell, Savage/Love (NewcastleUniversitySchool of Drama, Fine Art and Music)

Technical achievement: Mark Quinan, set and costume design, Billy and the Garbage Monsters

Open category

Best new play written for a Newcastlecompany: Match, Vanessa Bates (Tantrum)

Non-professional categories

Dramatic production: Falling Petals (Newcastle University School of Drama, Fine Art and Music)

Musical production: I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change (Newcastle Theatre Company – NTC; formerly Newcastle Repertory)

Leading actress in a drama or comedy: Kate Lofting, Falling Petals

Leading actor in a drama or comedy: Lindsay Carr, The Dresser (NTC)

Leading actress in a musical: Wendy Ratcliffe, Blood Brothers (JJK)

Leading actor in a musical: John Shearman, Blood Brothers

Supporting actress: Jacquelyn Brown, Blood Brothers

Supporting actor: Darcy Rice-O’Connor, Love’s Triumph (Newcastle Repertory)

Ensemble acting: Caught in the Net (Novocastrian Players)

Director: Jacquie Gill, Falling Petals

Music and movement: Christopher Harley, musical score, In a Pink Tutu (Armchair Productions) and the Shout! orchestra, musical director Greg Paterson, Shout! The Legend of the Wild One (Metropolitan), (tie)

Costume design and make-up: Vivien Jones, costume design, Animal Farm (YPT)

Set, lighting and sound design: Robyn Greenwell, set design, Noel Grivas, sound design, Stewart McGowan, lighting design, all for The Dresser (conjoint winners).

Newcastle City Council Award for outstanding achievement in Newcastle theatre

Anne Frost, for her commitment to providingNewcastlewith quality and innovative professional theatre