28th CONDA Awards – 2006


Professional categories

Production: Titania’s Fairies (Shakespeare et al)

Actress: Jan Hunt, Human Resources (Stray Dogs Theatre)

Actor: Daniel Stoddart, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) (The Popular Theatre Company)

Director: Maree Freeman, Loudspeakers (Synergy Cubed)

Technical achievement: Jason Newell, puppet design and creation, A Dragon’s Tale: The Further Adventures of Grubble (Footlice)

Open category

Best new play written for a Newcastlecompany: Human Resources, Carl Caulfield

Non-professional categories

Dramatic production: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (Newcastle University School of Drama, Fine Art and Music)

Musical production: The Mikado (Newcastle Gilbert and Sullivan Players)

Leading actress in a drama or comedy: Wendy Ratcliffe, Lost in Yonkers (Intimate)

Leading actor in a drama or comedy: Phil McGrath, The Hostage (Newcastle Repertory)

Leading actress in a musical: Michelle Burnitt, The King and I (Metropolitan Players)

Leading actor in a musical: Chris Maxfield, The Mikado

Supporting actress: Rebecca Sheldon, The Disappearance of Katie (DAPA)

Supporting actor: Timothy Shearman, Rent  (JJK Productions)

Ensemble acting: It’s My Party (and I’ll Die If I Want To) (Newcastle Repertory)

Director of a drama or comedy: Margaret Spencer, The Disappearance of Katie

Director of a musical: Julie Black, The King and I

Music and movement: Andrew Shaw, choreography, The Mikado

Costume design and make-up: Steven Harrison, costumes, The King and I, and Claire Thomas and Jill Russ, make-up design, The Wizard of Oz (YPT), (tie)

Set, lighting and sound design: Graeme Black, Phil Everson and Alex Adams, set design, The King and I

Newcastle City Council Award for outstanding achievement in Newcastle theatre Jason King, for his wholehearted, imaginative and generous dedication toNewcastle theatre