24th CONDA Awards – 2002


Professional categories

Production: The Unfinished Show (Ommi Theatre)

Leading actress: Samantha Fiddes, Confusion of Tongues (Stray Dogs)

Leading actor: Barry Shepherd, Indecent Obsessions (Stray Dogs)

Supporting actress: Karen Lantry, Lear (Shakespeare et al)

Supporting actor: David Yarrow, Madonna Del Parto (Shakespeare et al)

Director: Carl Caulfield, Rigoletto (Opera Hunter)

Achievement in sight and sound: Ross Fiddes, musical direction, Abelard and Heloise (Shakespeare et al)

Achievement in costume and set design: Sophia Montefiore, set design, Oedipus (Prospero Players)

Open  category

New play written for a Newcastlecompany: Carl Caulfield, Indecent Obsessions

Non-professional categories

Dramatic production: Cheapside (Newcastle Repertory)

Musical production: Jesus Christ Superstar (NDAC)

Actress in a drama or comedy: Zoe McDonald, Barefoot in the Park (Intimate)

Leading actor in a drama or comedy: Lawrence Aitchison, Cheapside

Actress in a musical: Melinda Smith, The Sound of Music (Metropolitan)

Actor in a musical: Jacob Smyth, Jesus Christ Superstar

Supporting actor in a drama or comedy: Michael Single, The Tempest (Newcastle Repertory)

Ensemble acting: Boss of the Pool (YPT)

Director: Wendy Leis, Godspell (YPT)

Music, movement and costume design: Jennie Rohr and Jayda Gardaya, choreography, Bugga (Hands Free Physical Theatre)

Set, lighting and sound design: Carolyn Lind and Jason King, lighting design, Jesus Christ Superstar

Newcastle City Council award for outstanding achievement in Newcastle theatre Shakespeare et al, for providing a de facto regional professional theatre company in 2002 and staging six quality productions


* The awards were held at ClubNova this year.