23rd CONDA Awards – 2001


Professional categories

Production: Three Short Comedies (The Sound Construction Co)

Actress: Helen McDonald, Morning Sacrifice (Newcastle Repertory)

Actor: Derek Dowding, Summer of the Seventeenth Doll (Freewheels)

Director: Peter Ross, West Side Story (Opera Hunter)

Technical achievement: Scott Allan, lighting design, The Golden Masque of  Agamemnon (YPT)

Open  category

New play written for a Newcastlecompany: Linden Allen, Prudence Drinkwater, Daniel Kavanagh, Joe Hanlon, Bartuccios Abroad (Tantrum)

Non-professional categories

Dramatic production: Clark in Sarajevo (University Drama)

Musical production: West Side Story

Leading actress in a drama or comedy: Janet Gillam, Navigating (Newcastle Repertory)

Actor in a drama or comedy: Richard Murray, No Room for Dreamers (Newcastle Repertory)

Actress in a musical: Bernadette Alchin, Bartuccios Abroad, and Erin James, West Side Story – tie

Actor in a musical: Daniel Kavanagh, The Wiz (Metropolitan)

Supporting actress in a drama or comedy: Alison Cox, The Meaning of Mum (DAPA)

Ensemble acting: How The Other Half Loves (Intimate)

Director: Andrew Coates, The Golden Masque of Agamemnon

Music and movement: LindenAllen and Daniel Kavanagh, choreography, Bartuccios Abroad

Costume design and make-up: Steven Harrison, costume design, The Wiz, and Belinda Roals, make-up design, The Wiz – tie

Set, lighting and sound design: Brian Lowe, set design, How the Other Half Loves

Newcastle City Council award for outstanding achievement in Newcastle theatre Carl Caulfield, for his work as actor, writer and director in keepingNewcastle professional theatre alive and its standards high


* The awards were held at ClubNova this year.