17th CONDA Awards – 1995


Professional categories

Production:  Les Miserables (Opera Hunter)

Actress: Jennifer Barnes, Madama Butterfly (Opera Hunter)

Actor: Brian Joyce, A Drink on the Bard (Freewheels)

Director: Matthew Lazarus Hall, Les Miserables

Technical achievement: Gregg Carson, set design, Julius Caesar (Zeal)

Open  category

New play written for a Newcastlecompany: Brian Joyce and Mark Gauntlett, A Drink on the Bard

Non-professional categories

Dramatic production: Playhouse Creatures (University Drama)

Musical production: Into the Woods (Novocastrian Productions)

One-act production: Darling Oscar (Novocastrian Productions)

Actress (two awards): Jenny Newman, Into the Woods, and Kate Sweeny, Playhouse Creatures

Actor (two awards): David Gubbay, The Prisoner of Second Avenue (Intimate Theatre Co), and David Yarrow, Darling Oscar

Director: Greg Gascoine, The Prisoner of Second Avenue

Technical achievement: Daniella McEwen, costume design, Into the Woods

Newcastle City Council award for outstanding achievement in Newcastle theatre Opera Hunter, for showing that large-scale productions could be staged successfully with modest amounts of money