15th CONDA Awards – 1993


Professional categories

Production: Macbeth (HVTC)

Actress: Julie Hudspeth, Abbie and Lou, Norman and Rose (HVTC)

Actor: Barry Shepherd, Money and Friends (HVTC)

Director: Alana Thompson, The Yinga-Binga Bird (Freewheels)

Technical achievement: Marion Giles, set design, Sandy Holler (Hunter Workers Theatre)

Open  category

New play written for a Newcastlecompany: Brian Joyce, Wiped (Freewheels)

Non-professional categories

Dramatic production: A Month of Sundays (Newcastle Repertory)

Musical production: The Medium (Opera Hunter)

Actress (two awards): Sarah Aubrey, Too Young for Ghosts (University Drama), and Maylise Dent, Gum and Goo (2 Til 5)

Actor (two awards): David Gubbay, Plaza Suite (Intimate Theatre Co), and Tim Richards, The Removalists (University Drama)

Director: Bill Keir, Absence (Footlice)

Technical achievement: Neil Mansfield, costume design, Follies (Metropolitan Players), and Sandra Roals, costume design, Pinocchio (YPT) – tie

Commonwealth Bank award for outstanding achievement in Newcastle theatre Kingston Anderson, for restoring HVTC to the position of community leadership it should hold as a regional professional theatre company

Special award Pat Charker, musician, for her 25 years of service to youth theatre at YPT