12th CONDA Awards – 1990


Professional categories

Production: ?Not Me, Mate! (Freewheels)

Actress: Lorna Lesley, Other Times (HVTC)

Actor: Brendan Higgins, Noel and Gertie (HVTC)

Director: Brent McGregor and Stefo Nantsou, Ghost Planet (HVTC and Zeal)

Technical achievement: James Jablonski, stage design and lighting, Spring Awakening (University Drama)

Open  category

New play written for a Newcastlecompany: Alana Thompson and Freewheels cast, from an original script by Michelle Gosper, ?Not Me, Mate!

Non-professional categories

Dramatic production: The Golden Legion of Cleaning Women (NDAC)

Musical production: Triple Bill (University Drama, Dance Nouveau and the Sound Construction Co)

Actress (two awards): Rachel Blackman, Spring Awakening , and Michaela Bolzan, The Kid (University Drama)

Actor (two awards): Lawrence Aitchison, Away (Newcastle Repertory) and Glenn Hazeldine, Spring Awakening

Director: Barry O’Connor, Spring Awakening

Technical achievement: Brian Lowe, set design, My Sister in This House (Newcastle Repertory)

Commonwealth Bank award for outstanding achievement in Newcastle theatre Freewheels Theatre, for the range and quality of its work