Conda Summit 2017

On Saturday the 9th of September 2016 at the St Phillip’s Christian College Theatre we hosted our 2nd Summit with a range of different members of the Newcastle Theatre community. This year was about Conda Inc giving back to the community and 4 different workshops were put on to try and benefit the theatre community members in advancing their skills.

The day was all about having fun and learning from these wonderful workshops.

The day included a Direction workshop hosted by Conda Judge Michelle Gosper, a Script Writing workshop hosted by Vanessa Bates, a Physical Theatre workshop hosted by Justin Buchta and a Voice & The Actor workshop hosted by Conda Committee member Rachelle Schmidt Adnum. A presentation was also made by Conda Judge Shane Bransdon to show the progress of his research going into the theatre community and what data he has so far collected.

At Conda Inc we certainly hope that the community that participated found the whole day rewarding, enjoyable and educational to assist them in developing their theatre skills. We look forward to what we can achieve with it next year.