14th CONDA Awards – 1992


Professional categories

Production: A Property of the Clan (Freewheels)

Actress: Julie Kirby, Stories of Her Life (University Drama)

Actor: Mark Newland, A Property of the Clan

Director: Barney Langford, Disorder: I Heard They Did It For Kicks (2 Til 5)

Technical achievement: Sharon Raschke, piano accompaniment, South Pacific (NDAC)

Open  category

New play written for a Newcastlecompany: Nick Enright, A Property of the Clan

Non-professional categories

Dramatic production: Disorder: I Heard They Did It For Kicks

Musical production: South Pacific (NDAC)

Actress (two awards): Janet Gillam, Woman in Mind (Newcastle Repertory) and Susie Porter, Henceforward . . . (University Drama)

Actor (three awards): Robert Dalton, A Hard God (NDAC), Michael Saunders, South Pacific, and Michael Single, The Venetian Twins (Newcastle Repertory)

Director: Frank Lind and Betty Lind, South Pacific

Technical achievement: Doreen Severn, costume design, The Venetian Twins

Commonwealth Bank award for outstanding achievement in Newcastle theatre Brian Joyce, for his courage and determination in nurturing and developing A Property of the Clan


* The awards were held at Newcastle Workers Club, while the Civic was being refurbished.